The Sinat -Transit Signage, was founded in the year 1987 as a business family but quickly evolved, arrived in various markets and won new customers so that your name began to gain status through the excellent quality of its services rendered and products delivered.

The company is engaged in the production and marketing of signage of transit, works and related service delivery advertising general and in vehicles. We are also experts in the application of logos, and logos in the reservoirs of fuel, among others.

Mission: to Be at the forefront of the production and marketing of traffic signs, by looking for the utmost excellence and quality in its products for the satisfaction of their customers.

Vision: to Seek that the accident rate is not a problem and that increasingly add value to the signage and that this be put into practice, raising awareness of both the conductors as those responsible for the maintenance of roads.

Values: customer Satisfaction; social Responsibility and ethics; Communication; Study of new solutions, Awareness; Excellence; Responsibility; Integrity and security.

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Declarações de Desemprenho – Sinais Fixos Verticais

Para que seja mais seguro para todos!!

Assistance After-Sales

Since we have always been close to our customers even after each deal. That is why we will continue to offer an after-sales service to support the client either in the creation of new solutions for the resolution of problems.

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Zona Industrial dos Padrões
Rua da Industria nº 823
3740-295 Sever do Vouga


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