Assistance After-Sales

Since we have always been close to our customers even after each deal. That is why we will continue to offer an after-sales service to support the client either in the creation of new solutions for the resolution of problems.

Quality Control

In the year 2017 we enter in the process of product certification and obtained it in January of 2018 the certificates of quality, thus working according to the european standards for our business area.

The application of window films frosted

- The coating of doors in glass
- Coating of windows
- Coating office partitions in glass
- Cladding of Skylights
- Coating of removable partitions
- Coating of glass balconies
- Application of strips of film with matt on glasses for safety and prevention of collisions

Delivery service

In addition to collaborating with various partners to logistics we can still proceed to the delivery service on your premises or at a location designated by you. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Application of advertising on vehicles

We have vast experience in the application of advertising on vehicles. We are working on the characterisation of the vehicles since 1987, when this work was performed with paint, Today, it is donewith vinyl of the highest quality.